The 5 minute foam rolling routine

Foam rolling has gained popularity in the past 5 years but is this even a technique that will help the body to gain or maintain flexibility, mobilize the spine, or help with general musculoskeletal health?

The answer is yes! Recent research has suggested that foam rolling can have the same positive effects of increasing soft tissue flexibility and providing the same  myofascial “release” of tight tissue as massage and manual therapy to the spine and extremities.

When the proper technique of foam rolling is applied to the upper and lower extremities, the entire spine and specific muscles can release with pressure. This will provide  a very nice adjunct to linking your strength, cardiovascular, yoga, and sports training. In fact, a foam rolling routine does not have to take long to perform but it has to be specific and performed in a certain way or you will be wasting your time.

How many times have you been in an exercise class or in a gym and have seen people, without instruction, trying to foam roll. Right! Who knows if anyone is doing it correctly? There are no instruction manuals for foam rolling and even if you look up exercises to perform on the internet for foam rolling you will not find the right information.

So, there is an opportunity for you to learn the 5 minute routine that has the right sequence and the right instruction specific to you, to make you more flexible, to ease tension in your muscles, and to provide mobility to your spine and extremities.

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