Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of patients are referred to Physical Therapy Now?

A. Most patients are referred to Physical Therapy Now because; either they are in pain or they are having mobility problems regardless of how long they have had problems. When someone is experiencing pain the body is telling you that there is something wrong with your body and it needs to be helped. Unfortunately the body can not tell your brain “where” it is hurt sometimes and this makes it difficult for you. At Physical Therapy Now we determine the source of your pain and this many times is not in the same location as your pain.

There are times when someone is not having pain but the person can not move the correct way. This may be presented as “awkward” movement. For example you may have difficulty walking correctly, you might have an inability to move your shoulder into the air the way you would like, or an inability for the spine to move the right way. In these cases after evaluating the problem and finding the source of the movement problem(s), we will coordinate the right treatment to correct the movement problem(s). This often is a combination of “hands-on” treatment from us, coordinated movement, strength performance, and  a home program specifically designed for you.

Q. What should I expect from Physical Therapy Now?

A. 1. EVALUATION and PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT includes the following:
Assessment of which muscles are lacking strength.
Testing of joint biomechanics for dysfunction.
Breakdown of your injury or symptoms step by step.
Static (posture) and dynamic (movement and gait) evaluation to determine where the physical machine is functioning outside of “normal” parameters

We use our hands to mobilize dysfunctional tissue and joints. This will assist you in a speedier, more complete recovery. Through the use of manual therapy, we are able to provide pressure and resistance when and where it is needed most to increase joint range of motion and tissue mobility.

Once the areas that require the most help have been identified, we will design a personalized comprehensive exercise regime. The goal of an exercise program is to re-educate and restore the strength and function of the muscles involved. The exercise program will be specific to the muscles which support and protect your injury or dysfunction.

The key to a complete and successful restoration of function is learning how to prevent an injury or dysfunction from recurring.



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