Is biking good for me?

The answer is “yes”! Biking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system, to improving muscle strength and can be instrumental in helping to provide mobility to your body. Biking can reduce and eliminate joint pain, and improve overall blood flow to the body. Biking provides these benefits to an injured joint.

1. Increased mobility especially to a joint that is swollen or arthritic. Biking is very good for improving hip knee, spinal and ankle mobility.
2. Biking provides a great way to add strength to the major muscle groups of the body but one has to be where that cycling is repetitive and must be counterbalance with other activity.
3. Biking provides a low impact way of increasing lubrication inside the joint and improving blood flow into the joint. This helps reduce secondary trauma that might be caused through impact to a joint.

Remember biking is not for everyone so you have to evaluate whether this exercise option is for the right one for you. The most common biking injuries that we see in our clinic are from falls on a bike due to traffic accidents or negligence while on a bike.

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