So are you tired of playing round after round of golf each season with little improvement? I mean, you have spent a lot of time and money on “the best driver” and lesson after lesson all to improve your golf score but only to find out that you may be 1 or 2 strokes ahead in your game.

Unfortunately this does not seem to carry over consistently from course to course at times, especially with the variability of course conditions.

So a tremendous amount of time and effort is spent on the technique of how to correct your posture, how to hold the golf club, how to have your wrist position, how to have the correct backstroke, swing and follow-through.

But, if you break these motions down the big elephant in the room that is rarely addressed is the anatomy and physiology of how a human being is able to create enough power through the ball and  how one creates the ability to increase the surface area of the the head of the club on the ball.

The way that this is achieved is often spent on the right club or the right stance, but really the right about of “physiology” of the human being who strikes the club should be looked at first. Often this important fact is overlooked only to second to buying  “the right club” or “the correct swing” with instruction to copy a professional golfer’s stroke. I once was entertained by a wise instructor who said “Do you think that if Tiger Woods played with your clubs that he would score like you do?”

So everyone is made differently and your golf stroke is completely different from the pro’s but that does not mean that that you can’t improve your game. To improve your game you need to improve your physiology.

What this means is that you have to find out where the limitations in your own body are…aka (Is your thoracic spine flexible enough to create enough rotation to then create enough torque to power the ball? Do you have enough internal and external rotation of your hips to guide the power generated by your pelvis through your body to reach the club head? Is your lumbar spine strong enough to off-set the forceful rotation that it must endure during a powerful drive?)

These things are determined by a physical therapist, they are scientists of movement and will diagnose a bad golf physiology that will destroy a game or keep your game stagnant. If you also happen to have pain then there is some part of your body that is being overworked and most likely another part of your body that is not being activated enough.