Cupping has been known to reduce muscle pain.

Cupping is the process that originated from the Chinese. Cupping involves creating a vacuum of skin within a cup. The skin is pulled into the cup bringing blood to the surface of the skin in an area where there might be musculoskeletal dysfunction. This helps in a few ways to improve muscle, skin, ligament and other body functions. Cupping does not hurt, is non-invasive and often produces immediate pain reducing results.

Specialized physical therapists at PTN use cupping in an area of pain where there is fascia dysfunction. Fascia is a an extra-cellular matrix that connects all organs and muscle systems. Sometimes fascia is restricted and creates pain especially in the lumbar spine unless this is loosened. This fascia can not be loosened by stretching and strengthening techniques.

The physical therapists at PTN are professionals that combine cupping with specialized exercises that loosen fascia, increase blood flow and release chemical mediators to an area of skin and muscle that are injured.

Is cupping right for you? Cupping could be helpful for you if:

  • You have been motivated to be active, free from pain medication, and not wanting surgery.
  • You have had pain for more than 1 day, for months or for years.
  • You have tried many ways to become pain-free without only to return to having low back pain.
  • You have tried injections and medications without relief.
  • You have tried exercises, stretches, and strengthening without relief.
  • You are looking for a non-invasive way to reduce your low back or neck pain permanently.
  • You thought that ending low back pain had to be complicated.

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Lindsey Vrabel, DPT

Sports physical therapist/Director PTN/Vesla 360