There is a lot of debate about when to use orthotics. In our practice we have observed successful use of orthotics when certain criteria are met. Most of the time orthotics are considered to be a good option after changes in someone’s body can no longer be corrected with a combination of stretching, strengthening, joint mobilizations, and functional training. One misconception about orthotics is that they are just for correcting the feet. We have been very successful with eliminating knee, hip, low back, and even shoulder pain due to correcting postural or improving faulty biomechanics.
As mentioned above we never recommend orthotics until natural changes in the body occur first. But there are times where structural deviations warrant orthotics as the first recommendation.

So you might be a good fit for orthotics if you fit into these quidelines:

  1. First, the right orthotic should be comfortable and fit correctly. Every person has an individual orthotic fit. The price of the orthotic does not always play a role in the fit. At our offices we are able to accomplish creating good custom orthotics without hassle, waiting for molds, or making many corrections.
  2. More importantly the orthotics are very durable, cost friendly and accomplish changing the unfavorable foot biomechanics that we are looking to resolve.
  3. Lastly, all orthotics need to fit the lifestyle of the person or the intended activity use of the orthotic. If a person is a high level tennis player they would need a completely different orthotic then someone who is using their orthotics for a 9am to 5pm job in an office.

Regardless of the orthotic the underlying condition of the individual must be considered first. If you would like to have a free 30 minute conversation about whether orthotics might be right for you then click here.

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