Do you have elbow pain during golf or tennis or sport activity that doesn’t go away?

Does your elbow hurt in the morning when you try and extend it out in front of you?

Is your elbow pain not decreasing even if you’re resting it or trying to strengthen it?

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If you are suffering from persistent elbow pain and it’s affecting your quality of life, then tune into this video and learn about the three causes of tennis and golfers elbow pain and how to deal with them.

Now the first cause of these conditions occurs when there’s too much stress placed on the tendons creating micro-trauma and an inflammatory process occurs and keeps re-occuring.

This creates a loop where the scar tissue that becomes lodged in these tendons and this can happen when you’re shoveling or when you’re using your cell phone or too much computer use or things you don’t normally think that would cause this would do.

Another cause of this condition is thought to be from the gender of processes in the tendons. A process called tendonosis.  Fibers are broken down and replaced with scar tissue. I like to use the analogy of you have a plaster wall in a hole in it and you’re trying to fill it with joint compound but joint compound is not the same as the plaster.

So it’s not gonna retain the same properties. And this gets in the way it creates inflammation at the tendon. The third cause of tennis and golfer’s elbow seems to be from direct trauma to this area.

If you’ve ever had a fractured elbow, there’s some evidence that the tendons in this area may be susceptible to a higher incidence of golf or tennis elbow.

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We have patients who sustain a good deal of humeral fractures, distal humerus fractures and this creates a bio-mechanical dis-advantage, sometimes to these tendons.

Well, there you have it. There are three reasons why you may be getting tennis or golfer’s elbow. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments below, and we will respond directly to you.

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I hope you learned something here and we’ll see you soon!