Shoulder pain is highly prevalent within our society with a reported annual incidence in primary care of 14.7 people in 1000 patients per year with an average lifetime prevalence of  70%.

(BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2011 12:119)

Because of this there are many avenues that people seek to address their shoulder problem.

Most people want to recover from pain or movement dysfunction at the shoulder. In this video we cover a clear way to know if you have a serious shoulder problem.




Here is the Free Report that was mentioned in the video. This is another good reference on what to do if you have shoulder pain.


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There is one thing that is clear about shoulder pain. If you are having persistent shoulder pain that has gone on longer than 3 days then most likely you have a shoulder problem that may require help to heal.

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If you are having extreme pain or the inability to move you shoulder into the air without discomfort and want to start on an immediate solution that does not involve taking medications, receiving shots, or surgery then Click Here.

One thing is clear… If you don’t do anything about your shoulder pain then nothing will change!