So there are many sources of low back pain but one of the biggest problems with having low back pain is that people think that there is the same solution for just about everyone.

Can you imagine if you took your car into the mechanic and he said that you needed a muffler on your car and then he told every single person with every make and model of every car that they also need a muffler to fix their car.  Crazy right?

Well the same thing is true with anyone who has low back pain. Unfortunately people are usually given medication and told to rest and this will not solve the problem.

What will solve the problem is a full analysis of your spine to find out what structures are week, inflexible, what vertebrae are immobile or hypermobile, and what type of movement is restricted with normal walking, bending, turning, and twisting. We would like to give you an opportunity to come in for a 30 minute discovery visits to find out these impairments.

This no obligation free visit will at least let you know what you have to do to finally be out of pain. We have test and measures to assess your problems and give you choices so that you can move forward with your lifestyle, whether you want to simply walk without pain, you want to get back and exercise without pain, or do every day tasks like waking up without pain and getting to your bathroom without being hunched over.

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Click below to schedule your no obligation discovery visit and finally find out what is actually going on and we will develop a plan together to fix it!