The most common condition that we see in Physical Therapy Now located in Cranberry Twp., PA is lower back pain. This condition has been on the rise and continues to rise to 60-70% in people of industrialized nations according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

In fact, at Physical Therapy Now in Cranberry approximately 60% of all of our physical therapy cases are related to low back pain. Because of this we have physical therapists that specifically specialize in low back pain.

So you may ask….What is different about having a specialist treat your low back pain?

At Physical Therapy Now in Cranberry you are never considered “a number”. There are 2 phases of low back pain (acute and chronic)  with many reasons why you would be having pain. Both phases are treated differently.

Just as no two people are alike, no two low back pain sufferers are the same.

This is the reason why if your neighbor had low back pain and gave you a simple set of exercises that he/she performed they may not have worked for you at all.

The specialized physical therapists at Physical Therapy Now in Cranberry will accurately diagnose and treat the source of your low back pain without the need for medication, injections, and surgery.

If you are having difficulty with low back pain in Cranberry, PA and are searching for a natural way to eliminate your pain with a program specifically for YOU then please call (724) 591-8228 to speak for FREE with a physical therapist who will help to guide you to the right choices specific to you.

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