A lot of elbow pain suffers don’t take elbow pain seriously enough to seek immediately when they initially experience the onset of  elbow pain. The problem with this is that acute

(initial or immediate) elbow pain can turn into chronic elbow pain that will not resolve. especially if there is a lack of joint range of motion and joint stiffness. If persistent pain is not resolved within the elbow region this can lead to permanent elbow dysfunction and lack of full use. In fact, unlike most injuries if you sustained a blow to your elbow or falling with an outstretched hand you should seek immediate attention.

Here are 10 Misconceptions about elbow pain that we hear in our clinic all the time:

  1. Elbows are a tough part of your body to injure and “most injuries” will heal on their own.
  2. If I lose motion in my elbow it will come back.
  3. If I had an elbow injury in the past it is too late to improve now.
  4. If I really strengthen my elbow I should be fine and the pain will go away.
  5. If I ignore my elbow pain it will go away eventually.
  6. The doctor said that I have to live with my pain and I have to take medications for pain.
  7. My lifestyle will not be affected by not having the use of my elbow.
  8. If I get a shot in my elbow this will cure my elbow problem.
  9. If I ice my elbow enough my problem will go away.
  10.  I have been told that physical therapy cannot help my elbow problem.

Many injuries to the elbow also affect the wrist, hand, shoulder, and the mid back. In fact, an injury to the elbow can disrupt full function of the upper body. Here are the most common elbow problems that we regularly treat with many successful outcomes without the need for a referral:

  1. Golfer’s elbow
  2. Tennis elbow
  3. Contusions to the elbow
  4. Unexplained elbow pain
  5. Thrower’s elbow
  6. Biceps tendinitis
  7. Frozen elbow
  8. Immobility of the elbow
  9. Elbow strength and range of motion deficits
  10. Pain when bearing weight through the elbow


The most sound advice that I have ever delivered to all of our elbow pain patients is this:

Do not wait when you have an elbow injury regardless of the cause. There are many factors that can cause sometimes permanent damage to the elbow if elbow pain is not accurately diagnoses and treated.

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