Meet Heather Betancourt Director of Fitness at PTN Vesla 360 in Cranberry

Hello PTN family members,

My name is Heather Betancourt and I am the new Director of Strength and Conditioning here at PTN Vesla 360 in Cranberry.

I wanted to take the time to send out some information so that everyone is informed.

My ultimate goal here is to take this facility to the next level. I want this to be a place where everyone can go to receive the best training possible.

This means youth/collegiate athletes, weight loss clients, special populations, adult athletes, etc.—your training will be specifically programmed for you and your goals.

Behind each movement there will be a “why”. This “why” will be what connects the client to the coach.

Client education ensures that the movements and concepts that are being taught are being learned, and ultimately engraved into the client as second nature.

When performing at your best you’re not thinking about all of your movements being efficient—they just are efficient. My training style is taking the body as a whole, prioritizing correcting imbalance while increasing your overall performance. Ultimately creating a well-rounded lifestyle that you can practice in and outside the gym—maximizing your potential and ensuring longevity/long-term results.


PTN Vesla 360 is the premier place in this area to train. Everyone that walks through the door is treated as though they are a professional and more importantly, like family. I want to be part of PTN’s incredible culture, one where you want to get involved in and invite others into.

If you ever have any suggestions on how I can make your experience here more enjoyable, or more tailored towards what you think the community needs, my ears are always open.

We are currently working on new ways for you to schedule sessions, classes, and assessments— including a new website and easy scheduling app for classes. This will bring more accessibility to scheduling, our services and availability.

As far as my background, experience, and credentials:

  • I attended Seton La-Salle high school here in Pittsburgh.
  • I played 6 years of goalkeeper with Beadling soccer club, 4 seasons on ODP.
  • Attended The University of Dayton, played all 4 years, won 1 Atlantic 10 championship, competing in 1 NCAA DI tournament, graduated with a bachelors in Exercise Science and English/Literature studies.


Relevant Experience

  • Assist UD softball/baseball strength coach.
  • Exercise Physiologist local Dayton retirement community.
  • Head soccer coach U12 soccer team, head goalkeeping coach for club.
  • Intern for non-profit conducting research on the effects of activity adherence and cancer remission (Maple Tree Cancer Alliance).
  • Assistant strength coach for Batbusters (#1 club softball team in USA).
  • Pitching rehab intern for Minor league/collegiate pitchers in Anaheim, CA.
  • Manager/Trainer at a studio in Pittsburgh—was brought on to grow their business and implement new strategies—won Best fitness class in Pittsburgh 2016 in Pittsburgh Magazine.
  • Tier 3 Trainer for Equinox, completing 40+ hours of continuing education, and 5 specialty certifications.

I am extremely excited to get started and to make a lasting impact here. Because you are special PTN family members I would really like to have offer you a free conversation to discuss how to achieve your personal fitness goals or if you want to jump right in you can schedule a free 1 on 1 fitness training session with me.

->Click Here for a Free 30 minute 1 on 1 Goals Conversation with me<-


->Click Here for a Free 1 on 1 Training Session with me.<-

It’s time that we achieve YOUR goals!