Why you are under recovering-NOT over training

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As a fitness professional I try to maximize my client’s gains while eliminating work that is not productive or goal oriented toward my client’s ultimate goal whether that is to increase strength, to lose weight, or increase mobility.


One big mistake that people make in their exercise performance planning is NOT allowing time for an active recoveryYes, this is equally as important as putting in the effort, sweat, and time to hit the weights or go for that run.


Many of my clients simply don’t make time for active recovery which then translates to poor exercise outcome or injury.


Here are 5 things that must happen to maximize your exercise performance:


1) You must get the appropriate amount of sleep.
2) You must get active and passive rest after exercise performance.
3) You must stay hydrated which requires drinking a specified amount of water when you are not thirsty.
4) You must take an active role in improving your diet.
5) You must receive very specific specific exercise instruction for you. Individualized attention is a must.


The right amount of exercise for YOU is a specific recipe and not a “One-sized-fits-all” equation.

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