In Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas of Cranberry Township, Fox Chapel, and Allegheny Valley-Harmar there are multiple places where one may receive Physical therapy. But what is considered the best practice of physical therapy? Where does one go to receive the best care?

Physical therapy is the practice of physical medicine, specifically within the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, or neurological systems. What this means is that if someone has pain in any joint, muscle, or tendon/ligament or a person has a problem with body moving then they should see a physical therapist.

A doctor of physical therapy is a highly skilled medical professional who is a scientist of body movement. The physical therapist will examine and diagnose abnormal body movement as it relates to pain and movement dysfunction within the body and correct body imbalances by releasing the tension of muscles, decreasing an inflammatory process by natural means, restoring joint positions and joint movement, and restoring the proper sequencing of muscle activity.  The plan is always to restore a patient’s previous lifestyle so that a condition can be completely resolved without the need for long term treatment.

Physical therapists work in conjunction with medical doctors and other healthcare professionals who have specialties that compliment care to provide you with the best healthcare. Physical therapists do not use medication, injections, or surgery to solve musculoskeletal problems so a very good entry into the medical system is calling a physical therapy clinic directly. No referral is needed for most physical therapy clinics.

So what is the best physical therapy practice in and around Pittsburgh?

Not all physical therapy practice is the same. In most cases physical therapy is covered in-some or a portion by the health insurance that you have chosen. The good news is that if you choose to use your insurance every physical therapy practice is contracted to accept the same payment from you and the insurance company. So no matter where you go you will be responsible for the same payment on services. This is why you will want to go to a physical therapist who delivers exceptional care.

So how do you know where to go?

Physical therapy is the most successful when delivered by a seasoned physical therapist in an established physical therapy private practice. In this environment the physical therapist spends time getting to know your problem, getting to know your lifestyle and performing hands-on treatment, reestablishing restorative movement patterns, and more. The use of heat, cold, and electrical stimulation and other modalities can be used to assist the body in natural healing. A plan for recovery and lifestyle improvement will begin with a thorough evaluation of your condition, an established physical therapy diagnosis, and a plan for recovery. To receive the best treatment a relationship with a physical therapist should be established so that ongoing treatment can be evaluated and changed according to progress and goals.

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Best of Health,

Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P