So you may have been told that you have arthritis in your low back by your physician.

You may have been told “You will just have to live with this” without any guidance about how to live with this in the future.


1.) Just because you have been told that you have arthritis does not mean that you have to suffer with pain the rest of your life……THAT’S RIGHT! There are a TON of things that you can do to avoid taking medications, getting injections, and having surgery.

2.) If your spine remains strong, flexible, and you exercise daily you can avoid the discomfort and immobility of spinal arthritis.

3.) YOUR SYMPTOMS do NOT correlate with your X-ray and MRI. Your symptoms are HIGHLY related to your CORE strength, flexibility, weight, activity, and lifestyle. These all can be addressed and corrected by a physical therapist and you don’t need a referral to see a physical therapist.

4.) If you do nothing about your spinal arthritis your symptoms will get worse.

So how long have you been living with low back pain without doing anything to make it better?

There is 1 thing that I want you to do that can be done today to get your started on regaining your lifestyle that can dramatically reduce your your low back pain. Let’s talk about it! Here is a link to a FREE 15 minute  phone conversation with me.  Now, I only want you to schedule if you are READY to change the way that you feel and you want to take ACTION NOW!

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