Do you have persistent shoulder pain when you raise your arm into the air?

Or do you have achiness in the shoulders when you sleep at night?

If so, then I want to share with you in this video the three mistakes that you might be making that is increasing your shoulder pain and leading to a decreased quality of life. Click below.

Fortunately, for over 15 years, my team has been treating shoulder injuries from the simple aches and pains of someone who is just having problems sleeping to those complex athletes who are trying to get back to sport, to those who have had surgeries.

Acromioplasties, and shoulder replacement surgeries. We’ve been able to rehabilitate and successfully help a lot of individuals.

There are 3 categories of patients who come into our office.

*The first one is the person who can raise their arm up into the air. But then they get stuck. They kind of have to move their arm around to get it to be full motion. But that’s debilitating.

*The second type of person that we see is someone who is in pain and it’s limiting their motion. They might be able to get to the very top of their motion.

*The third person that we see who comes into our doors, someone who can’t move their shoulder all because of a lack of mobility and also pain complaint as well.

And unfortunately, there is a fourth sneaky category where you can’t move your arm at all, but there’s no pain. That we’re talking is a pretty, you know, important surgical condition we have to pass you on.

So if you have any specific questions about your shoulder, then click here for a 30 minute free phone consultation

For the 3 mistakes that increase your shoulder pain click on the video above!