Do you persistent knee pain that will not go away? Do you pain in your knee when you’re walking or doing regular activity or if you’re performing a sport?

If you have had x-rays and MRI’s that have been negative and you’re searching for a solution, then stick around because there’s three common conditions that we see and treat every day that will help you to maybe understand what’s going on with your condition.

Hey, it’s Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P from Physical Therapy Now. We have been successfully treating knee patients since 2007 from your high end athletes down to your people who just trying to walk and bend, and go up the steps.

Now here’s the problem. Let me explain. No two knee problems are the same. That’s what makes it so difficult to treat knee patients. You can have the person with the same diagnosis, who is completely different and has completely different problems for their knees.

Sometimes when you have pain consistently in your knee, you simply give up because you have already had a diagnosis, that there’s nothing wrong with your knee, and then you just say, well, maybe i’m getting older, or maybe I just have arthritis and this is not the way to resolve your issues.

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The first condition that we see a lot of is called chondromalacia. That’s a big, long word for a knee cap that’s not biomechanically sitting in the femoral condyle.

This is caused because of imbalances in muscle tension between the inside and outside structures of the knee. The neat thing is, is that a specific plan could be geared to you to overcome this condition.

Yes, it’s a condition that doesn’t show up on MRI’s and x-rays. Number two on the list are meniscus, and ligamentous problems. This is a common occurrence. When people are stepping down, they have pain or when they’re twisting and turning and their knees are having pain.

The neat thing about this is that biomechanically this is something that you can resolve, and get back to things like playing tennis, playing golf, going up and down the steps and not having pain when you’re compressing your knee joint.

The last condition that we see a lot are sprains and strains of your knee. This can create a lot of motion and pain problems, a lot of swelling in your knee.

If these problems become chronic, then you have bigger problems which may lead to surgery. So taking a look at these things up front right when you get hurt is very important in your recovery.

And, of course, it’s better to be seen earlier than later. When it comes to issues of swelling, pain, the knee not moving correctly. And these things are better resolved when they’re just seen up front.

Well, there you have it. There are three common knee conditions that we treat in our clinics every day, and the good news is that all of these conditions can be treated successfully with conservative management.

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So again, if you have any specific questions about your knee, then click here for a 30 minute free phone consultation

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Thank you and I hope that this helps you!