Among our 3 offices at PTN in Cranberry Township, Fox Chapel, and Pittsburgh, PA we’ve been treating ankle and foot disorders for over 15 years, from competitive dancers to gymnasts to weekend warriors to those who just want to be able to walk without having foot pain. Now we want to answer three myths about plantar fasciitis that we have seen throughout the years.

MYTH #1- My plantar fasciitis will go away if I rest it and that’s just not the case. Unfortunately, you will get some relief when you rest your foot. But then, if you go into any type of activity that has increased stress on your foot, it’s going to be right back at you.  If this is something that you’ve experienced  click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will personally reach out to you and talk to you about your pain.

Myth #2- If I perform a few actions of my foot like icing with the cold water bottle or a few stretches that this will eliminate my pain and this is not the case. Plantar fasciitis is resolved with a very specific sequence of events that happens right in a row. It’s the only way to get rid of it. It’s not going to be gone by reading a few things on the internet or by performing a few ankle heel cord stretches. This is just not the case and it really has to be specifically looked at. It is an individualized process. Your neighbors plantar fasciitis is different than yours.

Myth #3- You have to stop your exercise or activity if you have plantar fasciitis.

Unfortunately we never want you to lose out on your lifestyle and if you are not performing some action because of this pain then you are losing on your lifestyle and we never want that. Your activity should be modified and things should be added and taken away. But definitely, if you’re in sport, you are going to be continuing that sport.

If you have lost the ability to walk, well that needs to go back to you being able to walk. So people get concerned because they think you know we’re going to take you away from your sport.

But that’s not the case at all. If you’re having any problems with plantar fasciitis, there’s a very specific way that we treat it at Physical Therapy Now that leads to high amounts of success.

If you would like to find out more our number is (412) 794-8352. If you would like to schedule an initial evaluation to eliminate your specific problem then click here.

Thank you. I hope you found this helpful and have a nice day.


-Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P