Do you have pain and stiffness within your low back in the morning?

Are you trying to exercise but you’re limited by low back pain?

Is low back pain persistently making you not be able to play your sport like golf or tennis or care for your children because it just keeps coming back?

If this is you, then you’re going to want to watch the video above or CLICK HERE to learn the 3 reasons why persistent back pain plagues a lot of Americans and what to start to do about it.

Hi, my name’s Michael Ricchiuto, MPT, EMT-P from Physical Therapy Now. My team and I have been treating spinal conditions for over 15 years. Many people who have been suffering from low back pain find temporary relief in injections and surgery and certain exercises, and we like to provide a comprehensive ability to end your low back pain.

The first reason why your low back pain keeps coming back is that your spine may be deconditioned, and many people think that because they go to the gym that they are strong and they don’t need to do exercises.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Lumbar stability muscles are small. They hold up the skeleton and general conditioning. A lot of the times does not address these problems with your low back.

The second reason why your low back pain could be persistent is the repetition of body movement that continues to aggravate low back pain. Good example of this is sitting for a long period of time.

If your job requires you to sit or be in the car for a long period of time, compression on nerve roots, ligaments, and the nerves, can create a repetitive action where you are not getting better because you’re stuck in that environment, if that makes sense.

You know some people get hurt because they’re sitting too long. Some people are standing too long and the body needs to move. If  you’re in one spot even if you’re getting treatment for low back pain the persistent repetition of the aggravating injury is going to keep you in pain.

The 3rd reason why your low back pain may continue to persist are immobility problems in the spine. You know structures in the spine have to be mobile and flexible, and you could be doing all the pilates and yoga that you want, but then you’re still having spinal problems and the reason for this is because there’s more than just one element of flexibility that needs to take place.

You have joints in the spine. You have ligaments and tendons in the spine. You have muscles that attach to these properties and then you have a neurological system that loops up into the brain and comes back down to control all of the motor units. So the entire process has to have flexibility.

The entire process has to have strength and if you’re just doing a certain stretch or bunch of stretches this may not be addressing the problem. Well there you have it.

There are 3 reasons why your your low back pain may be persistent if you have a certain condition that you would like to talk about with to us or with us, go ahead and type pain and below and we’ll answer specific questions.

Remember that your spinal condition is way different than someone else who has the same diagnosis. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s not a one size fits all process, or no one would have spinal pain.

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Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P

Managing Partner PTN