Are you an athlete who continues to have low back pain? Are you in a sport and your low back pain is limiting your performance?

Have you been working on your technique in your conditioning program, but you continue to suffer from below back pain?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then stick around to the end of this video, where we will explore the three reasons why you might not be performing to your fullest because of low back pain persistence.

Hi, my name’s Michael Ricchiuto, MPT from Physical Therapy Now, and if you’ve been following our videos, you will know that we treat many spinal conditions with many folks from ages 5 to 105 from weekend warriors to high level athletes.

The first reason why you may not be performing to your fullest as an athlete with low back pain is because the solution to your spinal pain is not a one size fits all process.

Athletes are specific to sport, even to the exact position that they play, whether it’s baseball or football and no two spinal problems are the same per person.

That’s why sometimes people get grouped into general sets of exercises that just do not work for you.

In fact, someone who is playing a sport and has the exact same height, the exact same weight, and the exact same low back condition can be treated completely differently.

Dependent upon who you are your medical conditions and what position in sport an athlete plays this can completely determine the proper plan for recovery which will vary from athlete to athlete.

So the first reason why you are having some difficulty with your low back pain is very specific to you and only you and not to a general class of people who are to be conditioning a certain way.

The second reason why you may not be performing to your fullest as an athlete with low back pain is because the fundamental internal muscles that are holding your spine together are not being trained, activated, and they are weak.

We have three different layers of spinal muscles. Some of them are made for performance, speed, and agility. Most common, these ones are trained quite a bit when we’re talking about our general conditioning for sport.

But the internal muscles are not and remain weak. There’s only very specific ways to train them so that you can provide excellence in your sport. And eradicate low back pain.

The third reason why you may not be performing as well as an athlete with persistent low back pain is because of the repetition of your sport. The body needs balanced.

One of the greatest things about the body is that it can adapt to a changing environment. If you’re placing your body in an environment where you are running in a straight line and that’s what you do and then you suddenly perform lateral movement side to side movement, this can create imbalance with over activation of certain muscle groups in a direction and underdevelopment of other ones in a direction.

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