Pittsburgh, PA: If you’ve been told that you have spinal stenosis and that you have to live with this condition, then the good news is that this condition does not have to limit your lifestyle.

Stick around to the end of this video and you will learn three exercises that may help with your spinal stenosis. Hi, my name is Michael Ricchiuto from Physical Therapy Now in Pittsburgh, PA. My team and I have been treating spinal conditions for over 15 years. One myth that people believe is that your your lifestyle has to be compromised when you have spinal stenosis.

This is simply not the case. The symptoms of spinal stenosis can persist and really impede your lifestyle. But you can completely eliminate your spinal symptoms in this condition and live a really healthy, normal life.

But people just don’t know this. So I’d like to show you three exercises that may help you in improving your spinal stenosis symptoms and help to eliminate the lifestyle that you’re leading right now of pain and persistence of pain going down your legs and the inability to walk far distances.

Now the first exercise that we show people to help them with spinal stenosis pain is to free up what we call the interventricular foramina.

The nerves that come out of these holes in our lumbar spine. If you are having a condition of the spine that you do not know why it is happening while you’re getting pain, you should always first be evaluated by a professional.

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