Are you having hip pain that may be traveling into the groin or down leg and are in the Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, or Cranberry Township area? Is it difficult to walk because you feel that your hip maybe giving out on you? Are you having trouble when performing sitting to standing, getting up from the couch, or just having the inability to walk or run without pain?

If this is you, then you’re going to want to stick around to the end of this video, where we explain three reasons why you may be having hip pain.

Hi, my name is Michael Ricchiuto, MPT from Physical Therapy  My team have been treating hip injuries for over 18 years. We have found that many of our patients have recovered from hip pain fully when thinking they needed to have surgery or receive shots and medication.

The first reason that you may be having hip pain is because of intrinsic hip weakness. There are muscles that we have that tend to pull the ball of the hip into the socket and prepare it for motion.

Often, general exercises will not address this. It’s the equivalent of having lug nuts on your wheel if they’re loose and the wheels will stay on, but they will wobble back and forth and create damage. In human beings this is something that creates damage, meaning degenerative problems, and can also be something where it creates tears into things like the labrum of the hip.

We treat these types of things all the time successfully in our clinic. The second reason that someone may be experiencing hip pain is from bursitis and tendinitis disorders.

The hip has two main bursas, the trochanteric and also the iliopsoas bursa. When someone has hip pain with this condition they generally have pain on the outside of their hip, or buttocks, or thigh and then when lying down on that side is very painful.

If you press on the outside of your hip, it hurts and getting up from things like the couch, a deep chair, when walking, or especially going upstairs, are all kinds of symptoms that people experience when they have these conditions.

The third reason you may be having hip pain is because there are sources of dysfunction that refer pain into the hip, and the hip actually is not the source of the pain.

The lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, and even the knee could refer pain into the hip, making it not really a hip problem. If you are having problems with hip, knee, lumbar spine problems and you would like a thorough analysis of your condition, then please call our office at (412) 794-8352

Or click here and we could talk specifically about your condition with a detailed individualized examination. Thank you. My name is Michael Ricchiuto, MPT from Physical Therapy Now, and I hope you learned something here and we’ll see you soon.