Hi! It’s Michael Ricchiuto, MPT, EMT-P from Physical Therapy Now, and we’ve got a lot of questions that people have been asking about low back pain and why some people develop low back pain and others do not.

If you stick around to the end of this video, we will talk about the five reasons why someone generally will develop low back pain. The first source of low back pain that we have are congenital disorders.

Skeletal abnormalities, such a scoliosis and spondylolisthesis are conditions that create tension points on the spine. This is the first reason why some people have low back pain and others do not.

The second reason that we see low back pain is because of strains and sprains on the low back. Things like falls, exercise, repetitive work injuries, that impact on the disks and also the ligaments of the spine.

Now, one thing that is misconceiving is that when your  low back pain feels better that your low back is better. Not ture.  For example if you’ve had a low back injury and time passes, generally you start feeling better. But your low back requires rehabilitation to permanently eliminate pain from returning.

That’s the biggest misconception that we see. You are not better most of the time when just your pain symptoms are resolved and there could be lingering issues that occur. You know one out of every four Americans will develop low back pain sometime in their lifetime and it could be a very complex process not only for a patient, but also for clinician to try and find out the source of pain, one of the biggest items.

Why can’t I find out where my pain is coming from? Well, there are million’s of sources of low back pain. So there have been some studies done, a pretty long time ago about how many sources of low back pain, there are, and believe it or not, it goes into the millions.

So deciphering where the low back pain is coming from is a very tricky process, but it can be a very successful process. Let’s take a little bit more of look.

The forth reason is spinal cord compression problems such as sciatica, stenosis, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis. These are things that press upon the nerve from structural problems and do really well with physical medicine. So these are things that we help people every everyday.

The fifth reason for low back pain are other conditions such as kidney stones, woman’s health issues, and internal organ pain referral. These conditions we can not help and we would refer these patients to the appropriate specialist.

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So there are  5 reasons for low back pain.

If you are experiencing You can also set up an initial evaluation at one of our clinics. The number is (412) 794-8352. I hope you learned something here and we’ll see you next time.

Or click here and we could talk specifically about your condition with a detailed individualized examination. Thank you. My name is Michael Ricchiuto, MPT from Physical Therapy Now, and I hope you learned something here and we’ll see you soon.