What causes poor balance?

Balance problems can make you feel dizzy or create vertigo which is a sensation that the room is spinning around you or problems of unsteadiness of the body can occur without dizziness. At our 3 offices in Fox Chapel PA, Cranberry Township PA, and Pittsburgh PA, we diagnose and treat balance problems everyday.

Many body systems must work normally for you to have normal balance. When these systems aren’t functioning well, you can experience balance problems.

Many medical conditions can cause balance problems. However, most balance problems result from issues in your balance organ in the inner ear which is called your vestibular system.

1) Vestibular problems- These problems involve your inner ear. With the conformation of inner ear problems a physical therapist can improve balance with up-training of this system in conjunction with improving the musculoskeletal system.

2) Vision- Vision plays a big role in balance with over 60% of balance problems related to vision. Sometimes this is related to prescription changes and other times this is related to problems with eye speed,  and the message that is sent to the brain from the eyes.

3) Musculoskeletal problems- Strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, and coordination all play a big role in balance. This system must be coordinated with the rest of the signals from the body to create coordinated movement.

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Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P

Physical Therapist/PTN