Do you have persistent low back pain or you are trying to eliminate your pain in the symptoms or waxing and waning? The fact is that one in for Americans will have one at least one episode of Low back pain in their life and if simply strengthening your low back what is the answer in this video learn three signs that your low back pain will be persistent and return.

Hi my name is Michael Ricchuito from Physical Therapy Now  and we’ve been treating low back pain for over 18 years. My  team and I have found noninvasive solutions to make sure that low back pain stays away without the need for medications and surgery. The myth that low back pain only affects older individuals it’s a myth.  In fact, lifestyle, repetitive injury ,and medical history are all contributing factors and whether someone will develop low back pain.

So the first sign that you may have persistent low back pain is if repetitive bending produces pain. This pain may not be limited right at the low back but may give you pain down the legs and into the feet. When this happens there are several places within the nerve can be trapped and not necessarily the intervertebral foramina  which is the hole where the spinal accessory nerves come out of. When you receive an X-ray these holes are looked at to see if there is encroachment upon the nerve among other things. The X-ray will not tell you about the other areas where encroachment of the nerve may occur. Other types of imaging will help to locate sources of pain but often this may only be minimally helpful.

The next sign that you may have persistent low back pain is during sitting to standing. In this case the pelvis might be involved and either rotating correctly or incorrectly as you perform sitting to standing when this happens specific mobilizations to the pelvis must occur.

The last sign that you may be having persistent low back pain is back pain with exercise. There are many reasons for this most specifically ankylosing spondylitis, chronic muscle strain, and other issues.

Well there you have it there are three signs that you may be having persistent low back pain and could use help. If you are seeking assistance for persistent low back pain then just type pain below and we will answer any question that you may have. If you would also like to set up a free 30 minute call to discuss your specific condition then click here.

Best Health Always,

Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P

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