Do you have shoulder pain related to your rotator cuff or other shoulder?

The shoulder joint achieves a maximum of 180 degrees and in people even more and the rotator cuff and other shoulder structures provide the stability to achieve this.

Not everyone needs all of this motion to complete their daily activities but one thing is clear:

Pain and restricted movement is NOT normal for a shoulder. If you find yourself with pain in your shoulder during resting or during movement then this may be an indication that something is wrong with your rotator cuff or other structures of your shoulder.

The body often tells you that something is wrong (Pain when you move your joint) but not the source of pain or even the right place of the problem.

A good way to tell if you are experiencing full shoulder motion or if you have limited movement is raising your arm sideways along a wall. You should be able to inch toward the wall so that your armpit eventually reaches inches away from the the wall. If you are experiencing pain or compensation on the way up or down then this could indicate that you may not have full shoulder motion or a problem with the biomechanics of the shoulder.

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