🦶🏻 Chronic foot and ankle problems can result from some of the most painful conditions.

Here are three tips to resolving foot and ankle pain.

➡️ Most individuals with chronic foot and ankle pain do not take it seriously and believe that the pain “will just go away”. Hope is not a good strategy to eliminating foot and ankle pain.

➡️ Ankle and foot problems many times do not have to involve receiving shots and surgery. Start with the most conservative treatment like physical therapy first.

➡️ Foot and ankle pain often begins with problems associated with  imbalances in the low back, pelvis, hip, and knee. Proper strength, flexibility, range of motion and posture are imperative for proper foot and ankle function.

At our offices we see some of the most complex acute and chronic ankle problems. One of the  most common threads of “non-healing” foot and ankle problems is a patient’s time that they have waited until receiving proper care. Conditions such as minor ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achille’s tendonitis  all seem to become worse when a patient waits to see if the condition will heal on it’s own.

Another common thread is applying the RICE acronym. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, of a limb. Although this strategy may help to reduce pain upfront for very acute sprains and strains (1-2 days post injury), this strategy must be eliminated sooner rather than later so that the body is set up to begin natural healing.

Whether your goal is to walk without pain and movement dysfunction or run a marathon your success will be determined by how well your lower body performs individually as well as together.

If you have ankle/foot pain and want to consider if orthotics or something else will help you we will show you the way. Call us a one of our three offices, Fox Chapel, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh.

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