Do you have persistent “middle” back pain or you are trying to eliminate your pain in the symptoms or waxing and waning? The fact is that one in for Americans will have one at least one episode of back pain in their life and if simply strengthening your back what is the answer in this video learn some simple stretches that may assist in helping you. As always we advise that you seek professional help first when suffering from pain or illness as there is a chance that these stretches can make you worse, so beware!

Middle back or thoracic spine pain can be from many sources, and many of them can be eliminated when the body is set up for successful healing. This may involve an individualized approach to solving your problem. Often people who have similar conditions are treated with the same treatments and this is the wrong approach, considering that people are so different.

Although certain general exercises may improve your pain level, there is an underlying problem that must be addressed. At Physical Therapy Now we uncover the source of your pain and set your body up for proper healing.

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Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P

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