At Physical Therapy Now’s offices in Cranberry, Pittsburgh, and Fox Chapel, PA we have been achieving a patient’s long term exercise success by breaking down the individual problems an individual may have, solving those problems and then working to create building blocks for individualized exercise success.

Achieving one’s physical best involves the coordination of multiple systems of the body working together and the biggest mistake that we encounter is that people often try to create exercise solutions based upon another person’s strategies.

The body depends upon proper nutrition, appropriate strength, proper range of motion, the right flexibility, the absence of pain, limited inflammation, and the right neuromuscular connections for one to be performing at their best. These are the “building blocks” or the foundation for  achieving successful exercise.

Once these “building blocks” of individual health and wellness are in order then greater movement, energy demands, and success can be achieved.

If a person is having pain in any region of the body then this is a warning sign that work needs to be established within one or more of the building blocks.

Working with our PTN team will allow you to uncover limitations to your building blocks so that you can achieve better exercise results and achieve your individualized goals.

Whether your goal is to walk without pain and movement dysfunction or run a marathon your success will be determined by how well your body systems perform individually as well as together.

If you want to be the best version of yourself we will show you the way. Call us at one of our three offices, Fox Chapel, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh.

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