🤾 Progression in every sport involves completing basic skills (fundamentals) and then advancing these within a defined timeframe. Here are 5 ways to accelerate your progression back to sport after a set-back injury.

➡️ Intensity of strengthening to not re-injure- This is determined by the the phase of healing that an injured tissue or joint is undergoing. (Inflammation/Reparative phase, Remodeling phase and Maturation phase).  Intensity has to be carefully matched with activity level and. has to be progressed incrementally.

➡️ Maximizing Joint mobility- The ability for a joint or a series of joints to have full range of motion. Full joint range of motion has to be established and proper impact to the joint must be established over time.

➡️  Establishing Proper Flexibility- The ability for muscles to sustain a proper length. Normal flexibility tends to be established over a 4 to 8 week period for most muscles.

➡️ Re-Establishing Muscle tone to meet intensity of sport – The ability to achieve the right neurological integrity to a muscle group. This is sport specific but anabolic work must be progressed over time or risk of re-injury will be greater.

➡️ Vascular support – The ability to deliver oxygen and glucose to the tissues. Just like growing anything blood flow establishes that proper nutrients and oxygen will reach newly growing tissues. This is an essential process for improving muscle growth and joint integrity.

This is a good start to a more comprehensive list of variables which determine the success of rehabilitation and return to sport activity.

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Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P