🦶🏻 Chronic foot and ankle problems can result from some of the most painful conditions.

Here are three tips to resolving foot and ankle pain.

➡️ 70% of all foot pain is due to poor shoe wear. Switch out your shoes every 500 walking miles.

➡️ Ankle sprains do not just “go away”. It is a myth that an ankle does not have to properly rehabilitate.

➡️ Orthotics can assist from the “ground up” supplying the proper biomechanics of the foot which leads to the proper ankle, knee, hip and lower back biomechanics.

🏃🏻Whether your goal is to walk without pain and movement dysfunction or run a marathon your success will be determined by how well your lower body performs individually as well as together.

If you have ankle/foot pain and want to consider if orthotics or something else will help you we will show you the way. Call us a one of our offices in Fox Chapel and Pittsburgh.

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