🔥 Achieving one’s physical best involves the coordination of multiple systems of the body working together.

🏌️‍♂️ The body depends upon proper nutrition, appropriate strength, proper range of motion, the right flexibility, the absence of pain, limited inflammation, and the right neuromuscular connections for one to be performing at their best.

🏃🏻Whether your goal is to walk without pain and movement dysfunction or run a marathon your success will be determined by how well your body systems perform individually as well as together.

🔥 Some of our patients have underlying and unresolved injuries that limit them when they exercise. For example, one of our patient’s was told to exercise to improve her weight but when she increases her activity, pain in her knee results which then again limits her activity.  This is a vicious cycle both mentally and physically but there is a solution for this. You have to “fix’ the underlying problem so that the mechanics of the body can then handle the new forces which are now being imposed on the body, This is exactly the type of patient we see everyday at our offices.

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