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You know, a lot of people, this coming year, are going to enter fitness programs. Why?  Because we eat a lot during the holiday, Steeler’s games as they enter the playoffs etc.,  We all want to keep weight off in 2018 and we just want to get started on being the best fit that you can be. So, there are big problems when people enter fitness programs and some of the myths that you have there are that when you get started it has to be really hard on your body.

There is a myth called  “no pain, no gain.”  That’s a really big myth that is out there that people still believe.There are three common things that I want you to know before you begin any exercise program.

#1) Every exercise program is not for everyone. So, if you are 20 years old, you’re going to be performing things that are going to help you a little bit differently than if you’re 40 or 60 years old.

So every exercise program is not for everyone. There are different variations of exercise.  CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, boot camps and not all of these things fit everybody.

#2) You might not know what deficits you might have before you jump into a new exercise program. People will get into a high or low-impact program. They may already have some orthopedic problems. Sometimes tight hamstrings, and maybe weakness in certain areas in the body. Maybe people have had some inconsistent shoulder or back pain. Then then you perform fitness, these areas get exacerbated and then you get hurt. So, a program that you need to take a look at is one that can do orthopedic assessment like we do at PTN before, you know, before you get started.

#3) Stretching, warming up and warming up your joints cannot be taken for granted. You need a strengthening and stretching program, and a way to get the joints mobile and loose to avoid injury. High-impact exercises are really stressful on the joints. So if you’re 40, you’re 60 years old, once again, you’re going to want to be doing movements that are different than if you are a 20 year old or an athlete.

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