Hey it’s Mike Ricchiuto, MPT, EMT-P with Physical Therapy Now. I wanted to talk briefly about shoe wear. A lot of people ask us about shoe wear. We see a lot of athletes. We see a lot of folks who have foot problems. We see a lot of people with knee and hip problems. A lot of this comes back to proper footwear. Now, believe it or not, there’s a couple of minutes of footwear.

#1) If I spend a lot of money on my footwear, it’s going to be better for my foot. That’s not the truth at all. You can have very, very, little spend, cash spend, with a shoe. That’s wonderful!  A lot of the shoemaker’s  out there  have the greatest, the latest, the newest, and they put them out there for you to buy, you know, $100 to $200, $300!

For some shoes that doesn’t need to happen. Number one tip is that you’re going to want to try and find last year’s model or the year and the price will be dramatically decreased.

#2) . A shoe is not a certain fit for everyone. 80% to 90% of all shoes out there are made for over pronation.

That term just describes one of the top bones, “the talus” and how it glides upon the “calcaneous”.  So if you are someone with high arches or pes cavus foot, your shoes going to be a little bit different than someone who “over-pronates” or has a pes planus foot.

Almost 70%, of foot injuries and foot problems come from improper shoe wear. So with those tips go out and continue to exercise, hopefully continue to exercise and don’t begin to exercise and we’ll see again mike ricchiuto, mpt with physical therapy now.

If you need help selecting the right shoe and you have foot pain then call our office at (412) 794-8352 and we can help.

Thanks and have a great day!