Meet John,

a patient at Physical Therapy Now’s  Pittsburgh location. John is a healthy college student who one day woke up  from sleeping and could not move his neck to his left side. So, John did what normally people would do, he tried some stretches that he learned on the internet, and rested.

Initially, this had worked to resolve some of the pain, and immobility that he was experiencing. In about a week,  John had slightly better range of motion in his neck and his pain was minimal so he continued his stretching and decided to return to weightlifting, mountain biking, and climbing activity.

When John started to ramp up his activity, he immediately was confronted with immediate immobility of his cervical spine, a return of 8/10 pain level and now  a new complaint of referral of pain symptoms into his hand. John realized that he needed to receive some professional treatment. Six hours after his call, John was booked in at our office.

John was diagnosed with several biomechanical deficits that impeded his ability to move his neck properly. Restoration of the proper movement, structures that were limiting his neck  flexibility, and the underuse and overuse of certain muscles were leading to his current problem.

John was immediately started on a very specific physical therapy treatment program, including non-invasive techniques and modalities to reverse and eliminate the deficits that were identified during the initial assessment.

After fully restoring the patient’s motion, a stabilization program was instilled so that his condition would not return in the future. This physical therapy program is always different than other patients programs, because it is unique to the individual. At Physical Therapy Now we find there are very few physical therapy programs that are successful if they are a general program such as giving a simple home exercise program or correcting neck motion without a stabilization program.

John is now back to hiking, biking, running, and weightlifting, and can be assured that his cervical spine pain will not return. The patient achieved a natural solution to his cervical spine pain with the help from PTN.

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Thank you John!

-The PTN Team